A Quick Guide To Tubes, Inflatables And Towables

Ever wondered what to do when all the wakeboarding and waterskiing is finished? Or maybe you just fancy a bit of fun with your boat? If so, then a Tube is the way forward for you!

A Tube can really be described as something inflatable that you tow behind a boat.. There are a few classic design styles when it comes to tubes, depending on how many people (generally known as riders) you want, how you want the tube to move (slow and stable, fast and wild) and of course how much your willing to pay!

An entry level Tube is typically of a round or ?doughnut? shape, and will skip across the water surface. They will typically offer a fairly comfortable ride, but still with enough speed to make it fun and interesting. Average size is around 60in in diameter, making them only really suitable for one rider, or two smaller riders. Lots of fun can still be had on a doughnut shape tube, but you will have to rely on the boat driver to provide all the sharp turns and swings.

A higher level Tube will usually be of a flat or ‘Biscuit’ shape. This gives the rider(s) more control over the direction of the tube as it is towed by the boat. The edges of the tube, and possibly any sponsons if fitted, can be used by the rider to dig into the water and provide an extreme level of control. Biscuit shaped tubes will often accommodate up to three riders.

In addition to ‘doughnuts’ and ‘Biscuits’, tubes are also available in the holiday classic ride on or banana style. Typically a number of riders site on a designed seating area and are towed behind the boat. This style is particularly suited to younger children, as most of the control of the tube is via the boat. That doesn?t mean you can?t have hours of fun, and simple flick on the boat steering wheel will almost always guarantee the riders come flying off!

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Whatever style of tube you go for, you should always ensure that all the riders are wearing appropriate buoyancy aids. The aim is always to have fun, which usually means ending up in the water, so always ensure that it done in a safe manner.