Aqua Pac

Aquapac is the term that is associated with a brand that manufactures water proof bags and cases. It is UK based unit and is a registered trademark. Aquapac is company that has the patent of sealing bags all over the world. This company was established in the year 1983 and is privately owned. There are numerous factories in London, England through which it operates. All the products are mostly used and are the most useful for those who have to be outdoors. Aquapac products are the best and safest for those who have to indulge in water rafting, surfing, and boating or for paddlers and other such activities. A few years back these products became highly popular with the backpackers.

The aquapac bags and cases are completely water proof and can be taken to height as low as 15 feet without fearing. Other important related features of aquapac are that it is resistant to the UV and also the salt in the water. Any machine or accessory that is kept in an aquapac case or bag is also protected from dust, sand and other harmful elements. Every case and bag from aquapac has a covering of plastic that is water proof and a system that is patented for Aquaclip locking closure. There is a special window in the bag or a case with the help of which one can still use the device or the machine when it is in the bag itself. Long with that it has cord for carrying it.

When the device is still in the bag one can easily make and receive calls but the sensitivity of the microphone is reduced a bit. Another helpful feature is that if your case or bag slips from your hand or shoulder, it will not sink rather it will float on water.

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