Are You Fit Enough To Go Scuba Diving?

Are You Fit Enough To Go Scuba Diving?

When you are on a beach resort for a long deserved holiday, you might want to try out some scuba diving adventure to enliven your vacation. Scuba diving is a leisure sport which a lot of people enjoy. You get to witness the beautiful scenery that lies beneath the surface of the sea, get a close encounter with a lot of sea creatures, and marvel at the splendor of majestic corals that give shelter to colorful fishes. If you are a newcomer to this pleasurable activity, however, there are just some things that you might like to consider first. One of these is the status of your health, whether you are in a good and fit condition to go diving.

Surprisingly, a lot of people take great considerations in elaborately choosing diving gears that they would like to don, however, some of them fail to consider the status of their health before they take the plunge. Bear in mind that while diving is an exercise in itself, you might find yourself faced with some difficulties which your body might not be able to handle very well. Studies have shown that over a period of ten years, twenty six percent of most diving accident fatalities resulted from cardiac arrest while underwater and rescue attempts always seem to be pointless since a sudden ascent to the surface may just complicate things.

So how will you know if you are fit enough to go on a diving adventure? One way to determine this is by calculating your overall fitness by measuring your exercise capability through a MET rating. Metabolic equivalent, or MET, gauges your body’s fitness and its readiness when subjected to different environmental conditions. Most physicians agree that a MET rating of ten is already enough for an average diving enthusiast. However, it may be higher when it comes down to those who underwent cardiac surgery.

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Another health aspect to seriously consider is whether you are suffering from respiratory related ailments such as asthma and other similar respiratory problems which could hamper your natural breathing ability. Remember that breathing from a tank with extreme water pressure all around you is very different from breathing air on land. This may create some problems for you and this is why no matter how much you really loved to indulge in this activity, you might as well let it go since it may just be the thing that will cut your life short.

While it is true that you do not have to be those muscular beings that you see in gyms to indulge in a scuba diving endeavor, a proper self assessment of your health should be made before you even attempt to don on that scuba diving gear and take the plunge.