Basics of a Diving Suit

Swimmers and divers all across the world invest in well-equipped diving wetsuits. O’Neill Dive suits are garments designed and manufactured to protect the diver from the undercurrents of water as well as water living things. Neoprene is a type of a synthetic rubber used in the manufacturing of a dive suit. Polymerization of chloroprene helps in the production of neoprene. It has a good resistance power in various temperature ranges under the ocean. A foamed neoprene containing gas cells used as an insulation material, most notably in dive wetsuits.

Oneill psycho is one brand name which has gained respect over time with the excellent quality and range of underwater suits they have manufactured for under ocean ventures. Around 60% of the users prefer to buy their gear from Oneill. Oneill is the undisputed leader when it comes to providing excellent insulation against cold. Thick wet suits made at the extreme end of their cold water protection are usually made of 7mm thick neoprene. They manufacture real flexible suits that keep you warm enough for 2 hour sessions in the month of January. Durability and quality is unimaginable as it provides long term warmth and does not allow water to seep in. A snug fit is also necessary in order for the material to be effective in the water for any type of a diving gear. There are also correct and incorrect ways to put them on and take them off.

O’Neill has worked hard to become one of the finest makers of the diving suits as they have prepared a size chart for men, women and kids based on US sizes. Oneill wetsuit size chart approximately covers all the possible sizes to cover the maximum population as diving has become a very popular sport. Their detailed size charts help you choose the best size wetsuit for you.

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Oceans all across the world have provided countless business ideas and employment opportunity to every age group such as snorkelling, coral and sea pearl harvesting, surfing, swimming etc. Hence it has become essential that for all these activities to be carried out in the heart of the ocean good divers are required to be employed or hired on a temporary or permanent basis. All divers pre-requisite is good diving gear to help them in manoeuvring the ocean depths. Oneill wetsuit sizing is done keeping all those factors in mind, giving that extra layer of protection and sizes are cut and made in such a manner that divers feel the suit like a second layer of protective skin on top of their original layer.