Be Forever Adventurous With a Host of Maui Activities

Be Forever Adventurous With a Host of Maui Activities

Searching for an exotic place to spend your honeymoon? Well, why not spend it on the beautiful Pacific Island called Maui? Maui is simply the most beautiful island, and the most popular of all the Hawaiian Islands of which it is a part! Beautiful for its terrain, as well as for its people, there are also many Maui Activities to try. Maui Activities and Tours include: Maui road to Hana Tours, hiking to the waterfalls, Maui Scuba Diving, Maui Helicopter Tours, playing a round of golf on miles of pristine golf “green” and of course, evening events such as fine dining under the stars while being entertained by the Maui Luaus.

The evening entertainment is the main event in your Maui vacation. You will receive an invitation to traditional Hawaiian celebrations which include: the Imu ceremony, tasty Hawaiian food at an endless buffet, and of course Maui Luaus.

When planning Maui Activities, be sure to try the Maui road to Hana Tours! When you book these tours you can expect a day of thrills, laughs and adventure. The tour includes a sight-seeing drive in a luxury Limo van, followed by a jaw-dropping bird’s eye view from Maui Helicopter Tours.

Maui Helicopter Tours are available to allow you to truly see the island in style, there are different Maui Helicopter Tours that carries you to different sections of the island and the time that is spent in the air may vary from tour to tour. You can take an all island tour or you choose to see the East or the West side. You can simply tell your guide what you would like to see and suggestions will be offered to help you make an informed decision.

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Looking for Maui Activities that you have never tried? Have you ever tried Maui Scuba Diving? This adventure is made safe under the watchful eye and intuitive training of Captain Mike Przetak, also called “Scuba Mike”. Captain Mike Przetak has been the island’s chief scuba diving instructor for 25 years. He is a master diver himself with a perfect safety record. He is also a certified PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainer and a licensed US coast guard. “Scuba Mike” as the Maui people call him affectionately normally keeps the class sizes small which is a great preventative measure. He guides guests in the proper use of scuba equipment and the touring of underwater habitats. Without this leg of the Maui Activities and Tours, your Maui vacation can never really be complete.

The many Maui Activities and Tours will keep you occupied throughput your vacation, whether you are travelling as a couple or with your entire family, each and every member will be able to find an activity that excites them or an activity that you all can do together. You can have an air, sea or land adventure or maybe you could just have them all.