Beautiful Scuba Diving Holidays in Andaman And Nicobar Isles

Have you ever been India? I think that every person should visit India once in their lifetime. It is one of those mysterious locations in the world full of exotics and myths and legends. If you want to catch one of these an exciting inspirational outings, plan a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They are located off the west of India and extend to more than 800 km into the Bay of Bengal. It is one of those perfect hot and tropical dream places everyone agrees upon, with white sandy beaches, green forests, welcoming people, with such a pleasant atmosphere awaiting for all.

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are an ideal place for exciting diving holidays. Complete with swimming, camping, hiking and other various pleasant leisurely pastimes. The capital of these nice islands is Port Blair. There is some small settlement like villages and a small town called Port Blair. Everywhere is felt the atmosphere of Indian market place.

Soaking up this nice Indian atmosphere allows you plenty of time for the odd excursion. The “Cellular Jail” is one of these unusual sightseeing places. Your visit here to this big prison will be memorable; it was built by the British in the early 1900’sand it plunges you into the atmosphere of the most awful conditions where many Indian freedom fighters were held and died. No doubt It will leave you with how barbaric the conditions and the British were leaving you with mixed impressions and emotions. Nowadays it is a monument for those fighters it held behind its bars.

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To lighten the mode, you must catch the exceptional Sound and Light show, both in Hindi and English, it is truly brilliant and masterful in its presentation. Further tourist attractions in Port Blair are the Chatham Sawmill, the Anthropological Museum, and the Marine you like marine wildlife and are green in nature then you must call into the Mahatma Ghandi Marine National Park will be a cherished experience time for you to undertake.

What is so special within the park? You can have great fun examining the fantastic coral reefs and other marine life variety through glass bottom boats; as well this, you are free to enjoy super snorkeling and scuba diving. The park encloses an area of 281.5 square km. Is it a good opportunity to have unforgettable diving holidays? In my opinion it is a great opportunity to have wonderful holidays getting right back to nature as she intended.

From Calcutta and Chennai you can get to Port Blair by sea. If you have Indian residency you can travel through the archipelago freely and easily, foreigners need to obtain a particular permission to visit, but your tourist centre can help you with that. You can one in Port Blair If all else fails. However, regarding diving vacations Andaman Island and Nicobar Islands it is not so simple to get permit, thus please make sure you arrange beforehand, if you get the access to this Garden of Eden you will have many beautiful diving holidays in these peaceful and lovely localities.