Best Strikes For a Fast Knockout

Best Strikes For a Fast Knockout

Clearly whether you are competing in the octagon or battling in the street the faster you can knockout your opponent the better. There is no time for showboating, take them out and do it as fast as you can. This prevents any chance of you taking damage (you should never underestimate anyone), and leaves you free in case there are any other attackers.

Without going into all the physics of it, the best strikes for a knockout blow succeed by interrupting blood flow and jamming the nerves to the brain. So how to do you it? Some have even recommended striking to the heart will cause a knockout, however this seems very difficult and unpredictable compared to the other options.

Striking to the throat and neck offers the ability to knock out or at least wind your opponent and can be done with the fist, open hand, palm strike or elbow. This is less reliable than the following strikes but at the same time can also be more likely to cause a fatality and should be used with caution.

Striking to the base of the skull is an excellent way to secure a knockout. However of course you have to be behind or above you opponent to deliver it. The base of the skull is where everything connects to the brain. This is also banned in all Mixed Martial Arts and UFC competitions due to being lethal. The second best option is the strike to the temple, not just because of itA�s effectiveness but also because it is normally an easy target to hit.

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However the absolute best way to get a fast, immediate knockout is striking the mythical A�buttonA� on the chin. This magic button is found by tracing a line horizontally down from the corner of the mouth to the edge of the chin. Striking this point jerks the head around in such a way that it short circuits the brain and instantly puts your opponent out like a light. This type of punching IS NOT to be done it your mixed martial arts training and without a professional.