Bonaire Scuba Diving Vacation

Bonaire Scuba Diving Vacation

Are you looking for a magical place to scuba or snorkel on your next Caribbean island vacation? If so you may want to consider Bonaire.  Bonaire is a beautiful island that is often recognized for its efforts to protect and preserve its marine environment. In 1979, the government of the island officially made Bonaire’s reef system a protected marine park, which has secured Bonaire’s place as one of the world’s top diving spots for a Caribbean Vacation.

Bonaire is known by many to be a true diver’s paradise. If you are a diver, it is an absolute must that you consider a visit to Bonaire so you can discover for yourself what this place is all about.   Bonaire is located in the Southern Caribbean is the best kept secret of true scuba divers. After my first trip to Bonaire I was hooked as the island has one of the most beautiful reef systems I have ever seen. In addition, Bonaire is located abut 86 miles east of Aruba which is considered outside the Caribbean hurricane belt so year round weather will not be an issue.   There so many things to do on your Bonaire vacation that you need to plan your schedule ahead of time so you can accomplish everything you want to do.

Scuba diving is the most popular activity around the island of Bonaire but windsurfing enthusiasts also call the island a windsurfer’s paradise because of the favorable trade winds. You can also try your hand at kayaking and enter the waters of Bonaire’s thick mangroves. Bonaire also has some slower activities for the less adventurous including taking walks to explore the island’s rich history as a Spanish town established in the fifteenth century. Don’t forget to spent ample time simply relaxing on one of Bonaire’s fantastic beaches.  

The beaches of Bonaire are some of the best in the Caribbean. Bonaire is determined to safeguard the environment which will ensure that visitors will enjoy the tropical vacation of their dreams for years to come. Bonaire has an average air temperature in the low 80’s with a 75 percent relative humidity. Water temperature averages 80 degrees but a 3 mil wetsuit is still recommended if you are going to be doing repetitive dives.

Bonaire has a full spectrum of available accommodations from the traditional hotels from family style local inns. Bonaire offers something for everyone Caribbean lover at a price that will fit just about any budget. Your travel agent can be a great resource if you are looking to find out more about traveling to Bonaire. Bonaire the perfect location for a Caribbean vacation destination you’ll want to return to again and again. Grab your gear, book your trip, and get diving! You won’t regret it.  For more Bonaire related travel articles please visit our Bonaire Vacation resource site.

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