Chelsea threat nex

In Van der Sar retired after the legendary De Heya customized nfl jersey successor has yet to come to Old Trafford, who will become the Manchester United goalkeeper next season is still uncertain, but Edwin van der Sar no matter who took over the mantle This person is not likely to be a Danish Linde Gardner. According to “Daily Mail” said the Manchester United and Barcelona in the Champions League final, the club staff in the team is staying in London Landmark Hotel (The Landmark) arranged a small party, the main purpose is to allow players at the end of the After a season of tension so relax a little. The very low-key about 300 attended the party, the time until midnight, and according to Manchester United’s trip, the club will ride the bus to leave the hotel at noon the next day to London railway station, the club will take the high-speed train back to Manchester. However, the next day at noon in front of the hotel waiting for the team bus at the time of departure, the staff found Linde Gardner omitted. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is very much upset, he did not let the bus waiting for the Danish goalkeeper, but the club according to the established order of departure time, because the club need to catch up with the one o’clock train.

Linde Gardner teammates tried to get in touch with, but said Denmark, who until two in the afternoon a half before they opened his sleepy eyes, when Manchester United take the train has sped away. Manchester United on Monday open-top bus ride in St. Louis Rams jersey Manchester’s parade, despite the Linde Gardner on time, but he still will face a fine club, and manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s tough “to teach.” Lindh, 27-year-old Gardner last November to 3.5 million pounds to join Manchester United this season, had two FA Cup at Manchester United won season. In March this year caused him to do his knee surgery five weeks of injury in the Champions League with Barcelona on Saturday, the final list, Zach Cruz in his place as goalkeeper. Linde Gardner wants to become the Manchester United goalkeeper in the future, both in off the court will need to re-prove himself to Sir Alex Ferguson, while Manchester United will welcome back next season than this season, the youngster out on loan, including England U21 Clay Village youth team striker.

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Willy Klein, 21, the functional midfield this season on loan at Wigan effectiveness, and scored four goals in 25 games, helping Wigan avoided relegation, but he refused Wigan has “positive” contract, and insisted to return to Manchester United. Clay Village, said: “I will return to Manchester United next season, of course, I am still concerned about the Wigan game will result in real time, this club will stay in my heart. Now I need to return to Old Trafford Manchester United hope to be able Germany claim the credit. ” For Manchester United, the Premier League next season they want to defend will face more severe challenges, and Rooney believes that the biggest threat to Manchester United next season, still comes from Chelsea. “Chelsea next season will be Dallas Cowboys Jersey our biggest threat in the league, they are very powerful, the performance of the final stage of the season very strong. Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal and we will fight for seats in the semi-finals fight This will allow more intense competition for the league, these teams will not matter who got a surprise one-two finish, and the bottom half of the team standings are also improving, to away games this season, really difficult.