Choosing Scuba Diving Gear For Children

Choosing Scuba Diving Gear For Children

Considering that children are allowed by the major diving agencies to start diving as pre-teenagers, there is actually very little gear available for them that is aimed specifically at this market. But there are a few items that are aimed at, or suitable for, their smaller body sizes and here are a selection of what there is on offer.

Wetsuit – The Cressi Junior Wetsuit is an excellent piece of equipment aimed at the junior diver. From the name you can see that it is aimed at the junior diver rather than just being a smaller version of an adult’s wetsuit. If shouts comfort throughout, with a diagonal zip, sealed and zipped cuffs, an integrated hood, reinforced knee pads and a shape that is designed for easy kitting up and removal. This should easily keep your little one warm for a decent length of dive!

Mask – Take a look at the Cressi Piumetta Mask if you are looking for a mask for children. Whilst not aimed solely at children, its features make it highly suitable for them. The skirt edge is soft and easily adapts to most faces shapes and sizes whilst the small inner volume means that it does not take much effort to clear the mask underwater. No excuse for not learning that exercise then! There are side buckles to quickly and easily adjust the headband for a comfortable fit of this mask made of soft transparent silicone.

BCD – Escaping the Cressi theme, the Aqua Lung Wave BCD is a basic entry level BCD that is available in a variety of sizes from Junior through to adult Extra Large. Although it is primarily an adult’s BCD, the junior sizes and the simplicity of the BCD make it an excellent piece of equipment for the child diver. With excellent customer reviews and easy to use controls, this is a must for any young beginner diver (or any older beginner diver) and well worth looking at for kitting out children.

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Fins – Although there is still lots of other pieces of equipment to look at, the last major piece of equipment that a child might want is probably their own fins. The problem with fins is that if you try to use fins that are too big for your leg muscles you will tire or get cramp, too small and you are working to hard. But the Cressi Rondine Pro Light are often recommended for the child diver, being available in sizes from extra small through to extra large. This is another piece of Cressi equipment that always receives excellent reviews, so a good one to look at for the children.

Of course, later on the child might want their own regs and gauges, knives, torches, diving computers and a lot more. But one step at a time!