Designing an Exciting Scuba Diving Trip

Designing an Exciting Scuba Diving Trip

With your new certification card tucked proudly in your wallet, you are anxious to plan your first exciting scuba diving vacation. Where do you begin? Maybe you will simply call the local travel agent and tell them to book it – or you could customize your very own adventure of a lifetime!

To get started, decide where in the world you would like to go. Decide on a budget and remember that the further you go the more expensive it will be. Whether driving to the closest coast or trekking to the other side of the globe, you must do some homework. Return to the dive school where you received your certification and ask around. Instructors or club members can give you lots of valuable information about all kinds of dive destinations.

Decide if you will use rental gear or bring your own equipment on the trip. Unless you will be driving to your destination, plan to rent gear on location; it is a lot easier to travel light. The only things you should definitely bring from home are your dive card, scuba log, and your own personal scuba mask. The best dive in the world is no good with a leaking mask!

Research various dive boats and scuba chartering companies to use on the trip. Try to only use shops that have received positive referrals. Find out what kind of discounts may be available for reserving several dives and whether rental equipment costs extra. Try to match your experience level to the various dive tours that are available.

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Consider various accommodation options. Stick to your budget and try to find one with the amenities you enjoy. Also inquire about scuba packages that may be included at a significant discount. Consider saving money in restaurant bills by reserving a room with a kitchen.

Non-scuba activities are also extremely important to assess. Do your interests include golf and tennis? Sailing or kayaking? Do you want to relax on a beautiful white sand beach with a great book while not under water diving? Do you want to be around lots of bars, clubs, and restaurants for exciting nightlife or would you prefer to relax on a remote stretch of sand? If you plan to do some of your own cooking, check to see if there is a grocery store convenient to your hotel.

With the planning finished you now have months or weeks to savor the anticipation of a fantastic scuba diving trip. If it’s been a while since your last dive, plan to brush up your skills in a refresher class before the trip. Have a great time!