Dive In! Get a Closer Look at Saba’s Sea Life

Dive In! Get a Closer Look at Saba’s Sea Life

The entire Caribbean is filled with excellent locations for diving, but Saba, an island in the Leeward Islands, is especially noteworthy for its numerous unique diving opportunities.

The island of Saba was created by a volcano eruption, creating its famous pinnacles of volcanic rock that slope at varying degrees in both shallow and deep water. The leeward side is quite popular; however the windward side of the island at times has better visibility in addition to different types of sea life. It’s definitely worth seeing both sides of Saba if at all possible.

Custom’s House: This site is rectangular in shape, which explains its nickname, “loaf of bread.” The sandy area has garden eels and southern stingrays before dropping off to sponges, gorgonians, and black coral.

Babylon: Dramatic ledges give way to lava and sand flows in this deep water area, where Caribbean reef sharks can often be seen. In the cave, you may find porgies and black jacks. Toward the shoreline, there is a blanket of barrel sponges and many coral-encrusted large rocks. Marine life includes hawksbill turtles, barracuda, nurse sharks, and morays.

Tent Reef: This is one of Saba’s most popular dive sites due to its beautiful structure and variety of sea life. A mini-wall and an area punctuated with boulders makes for an enjoyable swim. The sandy slope houses garden eels and southern stingrays, while the bright blue cherubfish, which are only two-inches in size, can be seen among the boulders. Other marine life that has been spotted in this region include hawksbill turtles, scorpionfish, frogfish, and longsnout seahorses.

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Tedran Reef: This multi-level dive has a sandy slope where bar jacks can be seen swimming with southern stingrays. A couple of large anchors are among some coral outcrops. The vertical drop-off creates a wall in which arrow blennies hide.

Shark Shoals: This secluded pinnacle offers amazing views. From a sea bed at 300 feet rise outcrops that offer amazing sponge formations and a variety of marine life. Sharks are common here as well as wahoo and mahi mahi in the shallower water. Two turtles, named Betty and Bob by the locals, also live here.

Saba is home to dozens of other breathtaking diving sites in addition to the ones listed above. Be sure to bring along an underwater camera to capture the stunning – almost surreal – views that you will see up close and personal on a diving tour of the island of Saba.