Diving Equipment and Their Use!

Diving Equipment and Their Use!

In this article, we will throw some light on the deepest mysteries of sub aquatic lives that prevail with scuba diving.

What is scuba diving? What do you feel when you think of scuba diving?

Scuba diving is one of the popular activities preferred by a majority of individuals these days. Almost every person today prefers to learn scuba diving either for fun or for starting a successful career in it. No matter whatever your needs are, you need to develop a clear and proper knowledge of diving equipment in order to become skilled scuba diver.

Scuba diving equipment adapts a person to the underwater world and makes him a part of it. Improper knowledge of equipment can prove dangerous for a person. Some of the major equipment which is used in this activity has been discussed below:


Mask is one of the major equipment used in diving for a better view under water. It comprises of two major parts including a glass plate and a rubber part, also popular under the name of “cuff”. The cuff prevents water from entering into the mask by accommodating and adhering to the forms of the face. It is available in a number of models.


Scuba stands for “Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.” It enables the diver to carry his breathing medium and work underwater with ease without any support from the surface. It is of three types, closed-circuit, open-circuit and semi-closed circuit scuba.


The snorkel is hook-like apparatus which comprises of a plastic tube and a rubber mouthpiece. It is used for breathing when the diver is near the surface.

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This is another important piece of equipment which helps the diver in swimming fast and saving energy. As far as the structure of fins is concerned, it is quite similar to the legs of a Frog. These are composed of different kinds of rubber and plastics. Fins are of two main kinds – for beginners and professionals. One that is for beginners is small, soft and more flexible as compared to the latter one. With this type of fin, one can swim easily but with less speed. Other one which is meant for professionals is big, hard and has rigid restrictive gills. Moving with these fins is a bit difficult but fast.

These are some of the major equipment which is required in case of scuba diving. Before you start your diving journey, you should be well aware of all these otherwise you might get caught in a problematic situation. In this regard, you can take help from diving schools which have special courses and programs to spread knowledge of equipment among students.