Diving in Malaysia: Discovering the Underwater Wonders of Malaysia

Diving in Malaysia: Discovering the Underwater Wonders of Malaysia

Malaysia is famous to most travelers for its beautiful white sandy beaches and rich culture but to diving enthusiasts, the country is home to some of the best sea treasures in the world. It is blessed with magnificent oceans, making it an excellent dive site for locals and tourists. With the country’s magnificent marine wildlife and diverse underwater geography, diving in Malaysia takes the number one spot in a diver’s to-do list.

Diving Malaysia means diving into an ocean of superb marine life that is rare to find in other underwater environments around the world. The country’s oceans are biodiversity hotspots. In fact, Malaysia is considered to have one of the world’s most biodiverse waters, which is located around an island called Sipadan. It’s off the east coast of Sabah in the Celebes Sea and is at the heart of one of the richest marine environments in the world – the Indo-Pacific basin. There are hundreds of coral species and more than three thousand species of fish that are found in this ecosystem.

Another site in Malaysia that offers a variety of ocean wildlife is the Tioman Island. Famous for its hawksbill, green sea turtles and rich coral reefs, the island promises the best kind of getaway for locals and tourists.

The island called Lankayan is also one hot spot that marine enthusiasts should not miss in Malaysia. Because of the islands’ stable water conditions, great marine ecosystem, and long stretches of beautiful corals, underwater photographers flock to this place to get a glimpse of what the island has in store. Those who are looking for some excitement will find plenty of whale sharks, sting rays, and octopus especially during the months of April and May. Mabul, Layang Layang, and Kapalai are also excellent dive spots in Malaysia offering the same outstanding ocean life and attractive surroundings.

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The country does not only offer crystal blue waters and extravagant marine life but it also offers a host of facilities that will help travelers who want to dive Malaysia enjoy their first attempt in discovering the country’s underwater wonders. Most diving resorts provide on-site lessons to beginners so they make the most out of their Malaysia diving experiences. Divers who have been certified by associations like PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) are always available to anyone who needs assistance. Even individuals who are aspiring to become professional divers can take courses from trusted institutions if they want to take their hobbies to the next level.

Malaysia, being a tropical country, provides a lot of opportunities for travelers to experience diving. There are so many coastal towns that travelers can choose from and great dive sites are just around the corner. Beautiful islands are just a boat ride away and the waters are usually calm.

For travelers, diving in Malaysia should always be considered when visiting the country. Malaysia’s marine life is simply incomparable and those who have been to the place can attest to the wonders that the country has to offer.