Does Boxing Have A Place In MMA?

Does Boxing Have A Place In MMA?

For a long time there has been a big debate about boxing vs. MMA. Of course MMA coverage, viewing and publicity has far outweighed boxing, but the debate isn’t so much which is better, but if boxing really has a place in the octagon and the Ultimate Fighting Championship at all.

There was a lot of hype about UFC 118 and the match between James Toney, ‘the most decorated boxer ever to step into the octagon’ and UFC legend Randy Couture. Of course Randy won. In fact, he won in the first round. This example however doesn’t mean that boxing doesn’t have a place in the UFC, it simply means that Couture was the better fighter on that night and that perhaps Toney should have picked up some Martial Arts skills to complement his boxing before he jumped in the cage.

The truth comes out

The truth is that you can compete in Mixed Martial Arts with just getting good at one style like Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, but if you want to win and you want to be great, you do need to add boxing to your arsenal. The striking skills you can build from boxing training will absolutely help you improve your game and be able to compete effectively. In fact, many of the top Mixed Martial Arts academies and fight schools in the country like The Lab in Fredericksburg, VA, are bringing in professional boxers to add a new level to MMA striking training.

How adding boxing to your MMA training can help

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There are many ways that boxing can help you improve your skills and abilities for MMA. Elite Mixed Martial Arts schools who attract top fighters from all over use boxing as a core part of their MMA striking classes. Boxing can help you learn how to better protect yourself and avoid taking damage, improve conditioning, teach you winning strategies and effective footwork, and help you become better at pin pointing your punches. You will also find that training with heavy gloves and getting in more time on the bag helps you build much better punching power and will give you those big ripped shoulders you want to show off on TV.

What will make you a winner in MMA competitions

Boxing by itself may not be the best for winning MMA competitions, but it is essential for becoming a real Mixed Martial Arts legend. Regardless of whether you prefer grappling and ground fighting or stand up, you will find boxing helps you become a well-rounded fighter that is better prepared to take on any opponent in the cage!