Fashion Reigns Supreme in Soccer

Fashion is synonymous with long – legged svelte models wearing designer clothes walking down the ramp normally. However, the fashion industry has spread its wings to accommodate sports into its purview. There was a time when games like football and soccer were watched and remembered only for the game and the way the players performed as a team. Now, along with the game, the public and especially the fans keep a track of what their favorite players are wearing to the game. That is what fashion in soccer is all about and the clothing industry is cashing in on it, heavily.

In earlier days, when soccer was just catching the fancy of the sport player and audiences, there was no pre � determined uniform for the players. Both sides would play the game and the only way to distinguish the two teams would be the numbers and names. Nowadays, each team will be seen sporting shirts and jerseys of two colors with their names and team logos or emblems on the shirts. This is mainly because of television and media coverage which has led to commercialization of soccer. The other reason is that soccer teams are owned by different clubs, corporate houses or business tycoons and hence their logos and badges etc., help to identify the team with its owners.

What catches the eye of the fans is the color of the shirt which their home team is wearing, the number written behind the shirt or the emblem of the team, which their favorite player is sporting on that particular day. Each team emblem is a reflection of what they stand for and what their club or corporate house motto is. The fans of the sport identify themselves with sport by donning the very same shirts, with the same logos or emblem, which are available at reasonable prices, and also support that particular team. At times, if any one or two players are the hot favorites of the fans, then sport shops even display that particular player’s shirt etc, in their show rooms as limited edition items, thereby making them a collector’s item. It’s a great way to boost sales too.

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In most cases, the design of the shirt, the color combination and the logo is dependent on the sponsors of the sport. One reason as to the plethora or designs and color combinations in soccer shirts and other apparel is because sponsors keep changing and the clubs have to accommodate new ones. This has led to a huge boost in the sales of clothing manufacturers. Of course, technology too has played its role in modernizing the fabric of the shirt, by making it more light weight, sweat absorbent and airy. Yet, at the same time the durability and strength of the cloth is nor compromised. Both, soccer clubs and garment manufacturers go to great lengths to advertise their product. At times even celebrities from the fashion world walk the ramp to model the new designs and logos of the soccer shirts.