Favorite Winter Places To Ski In The U.s.

If you’re looking for a vacation where you can both enjoy yourself with sightseeing and get some exercise, skiing is the perfect sport. You’ll get a chance to travel and meet many kindred souls from all walks of life. Here are three of my favorite winter skiing spots in the country.

– Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen is where I learned to ski and I have had a fondness for it ever since. Like everywhere else, the cost of living in Aspen has skyrocketed so much that it’s now known, in large parts, as a destination spot for only the rich and famous. But, if you take the time to find deals, there are many reasonably priced lodging options available from rental homes to condominium to lodge resorts.

Aspen, Colorado is famous for its skiing, so much so that it’s a magnet for people from all over the world. Don’t be surprised if you wind up meeting people from as far away as Spain, France, England, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the world. The small town atmosphere of the city gives it an intimate feel, there’s no feeling of being rushed, and the people and visitors are friendly as can be.

The scenery is Aspen is fantastic. After a big snowfall, the ski slopes form a virtual winter wonderland. And if you’re looking for powder, there’s few places where you’ll find better. Downtown Aspen is a combination of homey pubs and chic restaurants and within a ten minute shuttle ride to four magnificent mountains. It’s a great winter spot to spend a week or two on your vacation.

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– Madison, Wisconsin.

Over the years, the city of Madison, Wisconsin has wound up on many people’s list of the best places to live in the U.S. Madison is a large college town, located in the heart of the midwest, and like most college towns, is full of vibrant energy.

The Midwest is mainly known for it’s flatlands, not its mountains, so it is probably not on many people’s best list of best ski places. Wisconsin hosts some nice sized mountains, but not great. However, it is a magnificent location for cross-country skiing. Known as the “City of Lakes”, Madison has four area lakes and in the winter when the snow covers the grounds, you can enjoy cross country skiing near the lakes whilst taking in the beautifully stunning and tranquil lake scenery.

Madison is a cosmopolitan city and you’ll find much to do there. However, if you feel like a road trip, Madison is within a two hour trip to one of the greatest cities in the U.s., Chicago, Illinois.

– Park City, Utah

Park City Utah, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and famous for it’s Sundance Film Festival, is a fabulous ski town and true resort town. It is home to three fantastic ski mountains – Deer Valley, The Canyons, and Park City Mountain Resort. Collectively these mountains have nearly 300 ski runs – so you’ll have no trouble avoiding long lift lines.

Utah has a reputation as a staid place to live, but you’ll never be bored at night in Park City as it has many and varied night clubs where you can find live music, restaurants where you can enjoy the best meals, and “private clubs.” And as far as skiing, truly one of the best of the best.

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