Finding The Best Dive Torch

Finding The Best Dive Torch

A good, high quality dive torch is one of the best pieces of equipment you can add to your scuba gear. Regardless of whether you are planning on diving in deep or shallow water, it’s a fact that it often gets dark down there and a great light source can really help you see where you are going.

Underwater lights are available in a wide assortment of configurations, sizes, light intensity, and of course, price. As long as you purchase a light that is specifically designed for scuba diving, you should not have to worry about water getting into the light, since all dive torches must be waterproof.

If you are not interested in a high end underwater light, a small unit may be all you need. These inexpensive units can often be purchased for $20 or less and are usually powered by simple, common batteries. More often than not, a basic waterproof flashlight will have an LED lamp in it for long life and low power drain.

A good mid range waterproof flashlight, for example, will retail for approximately $30 and have a lumen rating of around 25 – 30. Mid range scuba lights are great for many different diving excursions. Also, there are some dive torch manufacturers that offer lifetime guarantees. You will definitely want to consider purchasing a dive torch with a company with such a guarantee just in case you break it in the future.

If a little more light is what you are after, a high end LED submersible lamp will cut through the dark during your dives. They typically come with a long lasting LED lamp, retail for approximately $140 – $170, are rated for 400 lumen and uses a series of “C” batteries for long battery life.

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