Fortress Edition Central Football Defender

Eneryone has successively or specialize in a area, this sentence is also can be used to the football field, It refers to the existing in every position have the particularity role. The players if not not to imitate, but also cannot hold proper easily. Although “regular” players appear, let coach in transfers-will as not so concerned of the immobility of position, but in general “tiger balm” is because there is no in a fixed position of performance ability, will be coach as “revolution brick,” where is needed to move. And in today’s football there is another strange phenomenon, was not a regular player has also become on the field of the “fire captain”, and they are visiting goalkeeper had central defender.

The new season’s uefa champions league group stage, Barcelona in the face of AC milan, from the booth g watts and mascherano central defensive pair combination, with small cameo central defender, this is not the first time josep guardiola did so, last season finale mascherano which is on the visiting defender, every laid the first team place; And in the last round booth g watts to the royal society of the Spanish league also had the experience of visiting defender, but also by two small central defensive pair, this in josep guardiola coaching career or first.

Facts prove that “fake” as is apparently on the printed spectrum, going in less than a minute, pato will break through the article this pickup line up, the scoring, and in the final minute, AC milan tiago silva header by an equaliser, and with Barcelona double marking of central defender not tight relevant. Barcelona game on the ball rate reached 75%, the scene has also been dominant, but the unstable or let the defence team failed, it is no wonder that Barcelona in the summer after the game to miss great central defender tiago silva feel sorry. And general about you in pique both out, powerful Barcelona but can’t find two qualified backup, and this is perhaps the most make “the universe team” have a headache.

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And it used to be different is, after visiting the central defender is mostly full-back was born, and are mostly full-back when moved to middle age, using experience of the game and reading ability help the team, the players in serie a relatively see more, such as giuseppe favalli, and like paolo maldini is thus laid a himself in the transformation, the status of green football. After all, if a lifetime holding the left-back position, maldini was less than the height of perhaps now. And now more and more different position players visiting defender, isn’t the central defender this position so good really in for? Of course not. Central defender except in the physique has the requirements, the most cultured is a ball decisive, never slow, defensive movement clean, simple, bounce well are necessary, in addition, also need to have certain cooperation ability, such as manufacturing offside and help fill a, speed, and technology, it is not a good defender must have the qualities.

The requirements of the wing-back is not so high, the defender on the defensive mainly responsible for one-on-one, prevent from each other their own area breakthrough, is often fight alone, the test of a man’s ability, and don’t need too much cooperate, and many full-back need to plug in from time to time, so the speed and the consciousness of the forward is indispensable. Small of the back is another type of case, one of the small of the back is now more and more technology, this kind of person and central defender obvious antipathetic; Two is a lot of “the beast waist” although interception ability outstanding, physical quality first-class, but they still tend to the ball, and their defensive movement in midfield can call combative, put in his own area front, it is the opportunity to rival various set-piece, no doubt to his team’s defence added a hidden danger. So, now the guest star player of the central defender, it just has a central one or a few characteristics, and by manager amplification use: have the speed and the ability to intercept such as javier mascherano, Michael essien, tall, the physique hale such as gustavo, small drew, empty have altitude such as abidal, booth g watts, ACTS can had such as season QiuKe…… why not.

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And, of course, and those “fortress central defender,” their ability and the central defender does not them, also be driving a duck shelves, occasionally visiting a: in the 2009-2010 season visit west ham united in the premier league round 15 before united nemanja vidic, Rio Ferdinand, o ‘shea, Evans four high central defender Emmanuel eboue broke, sir alex ferguson discharge to Gary neville and wes brown central defensive pair, right central defender Gary neville although do not have any big error, but in the game come to the new role strange, but also because of muscle left early. So, sir alex ferguson and the original quarter carrick retreats, the latter is the first in a career in the central defender position. On 80 minutes, brown in the clash was injured, finished with subs united had to give evra pull to the middle assist carrick defense, was born in the history of the alternative central defender combination, a game without during his three people visiting central defender and personnel under broke, but sir alex ferguson is obvious.