Get Into Scuba Diving Now!

Get Into Scuba Diving Now!

Scuba diving has become one of the most well known recreational sports worldwide these days, despite the fact that most insurance providers still classify it as an extreme sport. In this article, we will get to know more about the basics of scuba diving.

Most dive shops will rent out their scuba gear only if you have a basic level and certification in diving. You can get certified by finishing a Basic Open Water Diver course from PADI, or Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI offers training and certification in different levels of diving skills.

You will undergo three phases of training before you get certified. First, you will learn diving basics and get familiar with scuba gear from a book. The second phase involves in-water exercises, usually done in a training pool. This phase involves getting a hands-on experience with scuba diving equipment and using practical diving skills to deal with different emergency situations such as clearing your mask and retrieving your mouthpiece. The third phase of training involves actual diving under the supervision of an instructor. This is where you get to dive in the open water with an instructor who will rate your diving skills.

One of the best things about these diving courses is the fact that training can be done across different areas. The first phase, academic training, is the most accessible especially now that PADI offers their basic learning course online. You can also do this phase with a local diving school. Most PADI accredited dive centers offer complete PADI Open Water Diver certification courses done in special deep water pools.

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All three phases of training are covered by these courses, and you can finish the academic and pool-based training phases in a local dive center. This gives you the convenience of training before you head to the open water. You can finish the third phase of the training, the open water diving, in any PADI accredited dive schools worldwide. This means you can do your academic and pool-based learning in a local dive center and do the open water phase at a dive school while on a holiday, so you get to finish your training in the diving spot where you actually want to dive.

Aside from the complete PADI diving course, most dive centers offer short scuba trial lessons. These trial lessons offer you the chance to try out scuba gear and experience being underwater before enrolling for a complete course.

It is natural to feel a bit scared in pursuing something different, but once you have taken the plunge, you will be so excited that it is hard to turn back.