Honolua Bay Maui – You Can’t Afford to Miss This Experience

Honolua Bay Maui – You Can’t Afford to Miss This Experience

Honolua Bay is situated at the Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation District. The beach lies between mile markers 32 and 33 on a Highway numbered 30. Tourists can actually walk a certain distance getting down the vehicle crossing the thick forests and some vegetation fields. The shore has so many rocks but still this is a good place to swim. The cliff places are the great ones to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. A beginner will find it difficult to enjoy here due to the presence of rocks. One has to carefully move in the gap present between the rocks and enter water. Summer is the best season to enjoy its beauty. Lipoa Point can give the best view of this place, which is a nearby road.

Hololua Bay is not a good place to go during the rainy season as the water will be seen in mud red color due to the runoff from streams. Lots of water supported activities are preferred such snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing. One has to be careful to study about the presence of strong currents before jumping. An expert must guide the beginners. The spectacular coral formation adds beauty to the place. Vast species of fishes can be found, which can be a visual treat to many. The right side of the bay is preferred for any kind of activities. Tourists can have great pleasure in enjoying all the activities and it can be a lifetime experience for all of them. North beaches are most suitable for the water sport activities.

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Honolua Bay is a small sandy beach with rocky shoreline and no lifeguard. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing are some of the activities carried on in this part of Maui. Seasonal high surf is one thing, which should be noted for a safe trip. This is a protected marine life preserve and hence fishing or spearing or fishing is prohibited in Honolua Bay. A better visibility is obtained during the summer season. Murky water is present alone the shoreline and improves as the distance from the shore increases. Snorkeling does not have to be done to a great depth to see the marine creatures. This bay is filled with tropical pretty reef fishes and turtles can be easily found. Dolphins can also be seen on a large scale but occasionally.

Honolua Bay has got a grayer and primitive view under the waters. However, after reaching to a certain level, different colors of coral will appear. The chain movement of silvery fish can be an exotic experience. The water is calm and comfortable. It is very important to stay off the coral. Some people who get water in their mast would trample the coral. This should not be done as trampling will kill the coral. One should understand that Honolua Bay is a marine preserve spot. It is important to follow the guidelines while snorkeling and scuba diving. They are meant for the safety of tourists and hence should not be neglected.