How to Use Hot Tub Chemicals

It was recently reported that multi-million record selling US hip-hop star Usher has a hot tub on his tour bus, so following an adrenaline fuelled performance he can unwind and relax wherever he is. However, it’s not just recording artists and the rich and famous who have the privilege of enjoying the benefits of a hot tub – they’ve recently increased in popularity amongst homeowners throughout the UK too. Unfortunately, whilst the rich and famous will have an assistant to take care of the maintenance and cleaning of the appliance, it’s likely if you have a hot tub in your garden, you’ll have to apply the relevant hot tub chemicals which clean and sanitise the tub yourself.

Whether you’ve recently purchased a hot tub or had it for a couple of years, it isn’t a case of adding the water and jumping in to enjoy the delights on offer. Instead, you’ll need to completely drain the hot tub and then re-fill before starting the cleaning process from scratch.

The first part of using your hot tub chemicals to ensure that your hot tub is safe to use is to allow the water to reach a temperature of 30?? Celsius (80?? Fahrenheit) as this will help granular chemicals to dissolve properly and quickly. Once the water is at its optimum temperature, following the instructions given on the container of your chlorine chemicals, add the chemical allowing your hot tub to clean. It’s worth remembering that whilst the chlorine is working its way through the water, it’s essential you let the water flow freely to all areas of the tub.

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As the chlorine begins to take effect in the water, before pulling on your swimming costume, take a pH test strip and place four to six inches of it into the centre of the tub for a couple of minutes. After the pH test strip has absorbed some of the water, place it on the side while the test results are confirmed. If the colour is below 7.6 shown on a pH chart then you’ll need to add a pH increaser; it it’s over 8.2 you’ll need to add a splash of pH reducer, until you get the right pH level.

Although adding the hot tub chemicals may seem like a lot of hard work which prevents you from using your hot tub sooner than you like; it is an important process to go through every few months to ensure that your appliance provides a safe, relaxing environment. For more information on how to use your hot tub chemicals, visit your local hot tub specialists.