Indoor Rock Climbing – A Great Way To Get In Shape

We used to think of climbing as an extreme sport limited to those seeking risk and challenge outdoors. Those days are gone! Climbing increases to gain popularity and has become a mainstream sport. As its popularity increased so did the number of indoor walls and trainers. It is now common knowledge that rock climbing can be a great way to get in shape!

Millions of gyms across America have installed indoor climbing walls. There is a reason for this and not just to teach you how to climb mountains! Indoor climbing actually increases your muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Beginners have to learn how to use the safety equipment, the harness, safety knots, and helmets first. There are always people in the gym trained on this equipment to walk you through the process. Once you begin to climb you will find that your body is being forced into positions it may have never tried before! You will find that you have sore forearms, hands and calf muscles initially. While you struggle to stay on the wall your body will be working to provide you balance, coordination and mental focus. You will quickly notice that your core strength is improving!

Many indoor climbing enthusiasts find themselves wanting to take on more difficult climbing excursions as their strength and endurance levels increase. They often become very passionate about climbing whether they have started climbing indoors or outdoors. They get bit by the bug! Before you know it you could be attempting to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro!

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