Know About Scuba Diving Certification Requirements

Know About Scuba Diving Certification Requirements

It is all due to the presence of professional diving schools that have made the activity of scuba diving more interesting and popular among the adventure lovers. The schools offer training to the individuals followed by the certificates.

Coastal resorts and such schools are known to play a significant role in the scuba excursions to let the individuals explore underwater plants, wildlife and reefs and shipwrecks. The fact is one is not required to have any kind of experience for scuba diving training, but it is also true that certain requirements are there which are considered when it is about the certification process.

Obtaining a basic certification is a thorough process which is comprised of water and land education. A number of programs are there like rescue diving, advanced programs and much more which if received by the person; he can receive a basic scuba card. Completing any of the programs available with the training schools means one have completed a course which is approved by recognized scuba education programs which are followed by the diving schools.

Similar requirements with professional scuba diving training schools are going t be discussed below in this article. Check out the points.


The first requirement is the divers must be 10 years old to enroll in a diving course. PADI courses are known to consider the age of the person a minimum of13 years. The age requirements may vary from one to other training schools, depending on the courses they offer and certification requirement standards they follow.

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Training on land

Certain series of learning modules are there which must be completed by the potential divers. And such modules also involve one to have proper knowledge of how equipment works when pressure affects the body to planning dives. Skills, principles and techniques are also verified under PADI instructions before certifying any person as a diver.

Water training

The scuba classes also include controlled water dives in order to teach one different safe diving techniques. The teaching also includes breathing and moving in open water, pools, entering and exiting the water, controlling buoyancy and also removing water from the mask safely. PADI dive classes are known to use a certain program of dives in a pool. After around five dives, the students are asked or allowed to move to open water.

Hence, after fulfilling these requirements, the scuba diving enthusiasts get certificates as per their training and skill levels.