Learn to Take Care of Your Scuba Diving Mask So You Can Enjoy Your Dive

Learn to Take Care of Your Scuba Diving Mask So You Can Enjoy Your Dive

By now you have probably spent a lot of money on yous scuba diving equipment, the cost of the trip and on top of that the hotel bill, the last thing you want is not being able to see properly underwater due to your mask. Even a quality mask will let a little water inside it from time to time and this will make viewing the fish and the coral difficult and be very irritating. It can potently be a danger to you but you will have covered this skill to remove water from your mask in your open water course at the beginning.

The best thing about clearing water out your mask is it is very simple to do and will take only a few seconds if you know what you are doing. Here are the steps to removing water from your diving mask.

Firstly pull the mask away from your face and allow water to fill up in the mask. This will sound odd but do not panic and keep calm. If you panic you will make the situation worse and you do not want that.

Now continue to breath as normal though your regulator and relax. Replace the mask against your face and tilt your head back. Now tilt your head back and gentle press on the top of your mask with your palm. Take a deep breath and now exhale though your nose. The rush of air blowing in your mask will push the water out.

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Adjust the mask now the water is out to feel comfortable and now continue with your dive. If water is still in your mask continue with the above steps until it is cleared out completely. Water could remain in your mask if you have not took a big breath before exhaling or that your mask is of large volume, this is normally the way if you have a single lens mask.

If water repeatedly enters look at why, perhaps you have hair trapped with your mask seal or its just a poor fitting mask to start with. If it continues to leak though the dive it could be worth stopping short the dive and finding out the issue rather than having a panic though out the dive which could lead to other issues. Where you can keep practicing your skills in the swimming pool or in shallow waters to ensure you are very confident.