Looking For Thrill And Excitement? Come to Adrenaline Perth

With over 300 days of sunshine and long beaches, Perth presents an environment that is conducive for action packed holidays. It is the 4th largest city in Australia with a lot to offer to the tourists who do not seem to get enough of this beautiful city. For those who come here to enjoy their vacations, there are a lot of outdoor activities to indulge in. There is one company that has become extremely popular among the tourists for organizing these activities, and that is Adrenaline Perth. Adrenaline Perth has been in the business of organizing action packed activities and events that have brought praise from one and sundry for the company. Though the company organizes a lot of activities, below is a description of few of them that are very popular among the tourists.

V8 Supercars

For those who love motor sport, this is nothing but dream come true. The same V8 supercars that they watch like crazy on TV and on tracks being driven by champion drivers are today being made available to drive. Barbagallo raceway is just 50 km north of the city of Perth in an area known as Wanneroo. This is one raceway that is famous all over the world among motor sport lovers for V8 Supercars championship. Now the same track and the same fast moving cars are available for the common people to try their hands for a session.

This is one sporting activity that is enough to send the adrenaline pumping among those who get a chance to drive these sleek, fast moving beauties on tracks. In terms of sheer thrill and excitement, a day with V8 supercars is an ultimate gift for those who love to drive cars. The roar of the engine as you sit behind the wheels is enough to set the pulse racing. The tickets for a session with V8 supercars can be purchased either online or by physically doing to the office of the company. You can even book a session by making a phone call.

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Story bridge Climb

The same Story Bridge made on Brisbane River that you have crossed umpteen times, has today become a very exciting outdoor activity as people have been allowed to climb the gigantic structure. This climbing exercise is organized with all the facilities by Adrenaline Perth and has become very popular among the tourists. The bridge is a huge structure made of steel and makes one feel ecstatic when he finally reaches the top of the bridge. The whole exercise of climbing and coming back to the ground takes about 2.5 hours and is full of a lot of fun and excitement.

You can even buy gift vouchers to present to others for a wonderful time climbing this magnificent bridge. Of late the authorities have even allowed the climbers to carry digital cameras along with them making it all the more exciting as they can now take beautiful pictures while climbing and also from the top from where one gets breathtaking view of the city of Brisbane.