NFL Authentic Jerseys

National Football League Football major League is National, referred to the NFL. Is America a huge football league. A total of 32 teams in the league, is divided into two big federation: American Football federation (Football as it hasn’t been made clear, the abbreviation, midland) and AFC National Football federation (National Football league NFC, it hasn’t been made clear, the abbreviation). Each federation has 16 teams, and is divided into four area: the east, south, west and north. Each area has four teams. Reebok company is the only NFL jerseys clothing has special manufacturers wholesale nfl jerseys!

NFL Jersey can be roughly classified into three categories, from low to high respectively is: offset Jersey fans Replica edition (senior fans edition), Premier Jersey/EQT (Jersey), player version (Authentic jerseys). Now we mainly to simply introduce the nfl authentic jerseys:

Kit was the top player version of jersey, all fabrics, number material are with actual player is same. Cloth thicker, but very comfortable; All Numbers are multi-layered embroidery; Chest team mark is directly in the clothing embroidery; Sleeve team label and reebok logo is in embroidered clott mark in the clothing; sewn Sleeve rings (if any) are offset printing. Here the “multi-layer embroidery” refers to the number of each kind of color by a cloth and become, the superposition sewing, and very strong and durable number very strong, but also have administrative team number only a kind of many colors. And the actual player himself wearing shirt (Pro – Jersey/Pro – how worn Jersey) is tailored specifically for players, garment type are made according to the actual needs. Player version (Authentic) is the release of mass production, so with actual players wearing clothes type or not the same. Jersey are expensive player version, at $300 or so. Double embroidery, by different color is tie-in collage, however the original cloth player version jersey embroidery. Crural line is “Z” glyph.

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Believe that you must be NFL fans, you are like a team or a player right, then you must like he has his number and name of the Authentic jerseys, we here are you very satisfied NFL jersey, fans version jersey including female version of adult and child (kids football jerseys) version of all have, style, color and size to just pick. I’m sure you’ll like it for enquiry please login .