Pool Winterizing in Reno NV by Clearwater Pool And Spa Tenders

When the winter months descend upon Nevada, simple tasks such as pool winterizing in Reno must be initiated early to avoid costly repairs in the spring. Clearwater Pool and Spa Tenders are here to make the process much easier and cheaper. Pools and Spas are their specialty! If you’ve got a swimming pool or hot tub that needs to be shut down for the winter, Clearwater Pool and Spa Tenders has you covered.

Clearwater’s hot tub winterizing in Reno address all of the issues related to winterizing services such as:

??? Water chemistry i.e., PH balance, total alkalinity, and calcium are all balanced and monitored. This keeps your swimming pool protected during the freezing months.

??? Add any chemicals needed to keep your water sparkling for spring.

??? Drain all water from freeze-prone areas. Water expands as it freezes and can burst pipes, ducts, and motors.

??? Blow out a plumbing to remove water that has pooled up.

??? Drain the motorized pump.

??? Open all drains and caps.

Not all people winterize their hot tubs during the winter and Clearwater Pool and Spa Tenders understands this. They are in the business of providing the best spa services in the area no matter the weather outside. Hot tub maintenance in Reno is available year round so that you can enjoy soaking in a nice, relaxing, and clean hot tub while the winter wind blows it’s chilly breath across the desert. You simply cannot go wrong when choosing Clearwater Pool and Spa Tenders for your hot tub service needs.

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In addition to their spa and pool winterizing services, Clearwater offers services such as:

??? Acid washing your pool or spa.

??? Algae treatment so that you won’t have to deal with a slippery green mess.

??? Replacement filters and service parts.

??? Covers and cover lift equipment.

??? Stairs and handrails for seniors and children.

??? Snow removal from pool, spas, and equipment.

Clearwater Pool and Spa Tenders have everything you will need to service and maintain your pool and spa, no matter the time of year. Clearwater has established many great client relationships throughout the years and have done so using one simple trick: Provide outstanding service and customer relations. That is all. Just read a testimonial from one of our favorite clients:

“We have been satisfied customers of Clear Water Spa for going on eight years. Through the years we’ve always enjoyed friendly, worry free maintenance as well as dependable regular service visits. The water always sparkles.” – Paul Russo

Please visit Clearwater Pool and Spa Tenders today for all of your pool and spa needs today!