Premiership Prize The Most Equitable Distribution of Spawned Strong Competitiveness

CEO claimed the Premier League, the Premier League nhl jersey is the world’s most fair. League this season, Manchester United got the most prize money over 60 million pounds. Meanwhile, the money list Bangwei of Blackpool has nearly 4,000 pounds. The ratio between 1.55 to 1. The fairest prize league The reason why the Premier League prize money gap is not opened, because a lot of the average distribution of the existence of a class prize. For example, the essence of film rights and interests of overseas broadcast and distributed equally to the 20 teams, each team can get about 1,800 pounds. Royalty in the United Kingdom distribution, pay attention to relatively more. Each team can first get them close to the average earnings of ??? 1,400, plus an additional bonus. This additional bonus is ??? 485,000 each, each team will be able to get a last broadcast. At the same time, this prize also take into account the additional “quasi-live” (live and recorded immediately after) and the network, telephone, etc., according to the number of teams to be allocated on demand. This season, get an additional bonus is the largest Manchester United, to 1350 Yu Wanying pounds. The second is ranked sixth English Premier League Liverpool, received more than 1,200 pounds. Live screenings in, and is a leading two teams, Manchester nfl jersey United was broadcast 26 times, 23 times Liverpool has been broadcast live, ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal 22.

The team was “quasi-live” and the screening was correspondingly less, and Bangwei several teams involved in the “quasi-live” most. Premier CEO that the Premier League prize money distribution system is the fairest in Europe and the world, the Manchester United and Blackpool total prize purse of 1.55 to 1 ratio, this ratio is a powerful source of competitiveness Premier League . Manchester United record bonuses Another gap opened is the ranking bonus. This season, the Premier League top prize of ??? 756,756 per unit calculated in accordance with the integral bottom West Ham only get the above figures, Manchester United have is this figure multiplied by 20, that is, more than ??? 1,500, runner-up Chelsea is that this figure is multiplied by 19 and so on. In summary, we can calculate the Premiership rams authentic jersey this season money list, the list with roughly the same ranking standings. Several noteworthy difference is that pressure on the money list over Arsenal Manchester City ranked third, fifth Liverpool beyond Tottenham, West Ham is not money the bottom team.

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From the start of last season, the Premier League to implement the new broadcast agreement that from 2010 to 2013, only foreign royalty as high as 1.437 billion pounds, so Manchester United this season, the total prize money of more than 6000 million, a record, more than Manchester United maintained by the same record about 770 million pounds. Parachute generous allowance It should be noted that domestic and overseas broadcasting rights to Premier League club not only points the past two years, the team can benefit from relegation, which is the so-called “parachute allowance.” The next two seasons, West Ham, Blackpool and Birmingham also benefit from the policy each year about 1,500 million pounds. Premier League parachute introduced in the first policy, the New York Jets Jersey allowance is only 500 million pounds per year, this figure has increased year by year to ??? 1,500 now.