Providencia Island – The Best Scuba-Diving Destination

Providencia Island – The Best Scuba-Diving Destination

Situated 90km north of San Andres, smaller and quainter island of Providencia seems not just as a world aside, but like a totally different country completely. Historically known as Old Providence, the island covers an area of 17sq kilometres. Being the second-largest of the islands in the archipelago, Providencia offers the very same turquoise sea, extensive coral reefs and rich marine life helping to make entire archipelago heaven for snorkelers and scuba-divers.

Providencia’s beaches are tiny, gorgeous and quite often abandoned. The primary ones are at Bahia Aguadulce, Bahia Suroeste and Bahia Manzanillo at the southern end of the island. Numerous other tiny white-sand bays and idyllic stretches can easily be found dotted around the shoreline. Calypso-shrouded open-sided restaurants care little for world-class service. Food comes served with a generous helping of good humour. Life unfolds at a leisurely pace and time is an unimportant detail in this laid-back island.

Providencia island, one of the island of San Andres Archipelago the most isolated island regions in the Caribbean, is located just 90 kilometers north of San Andres. Together with San Andres and Santa Catalina, the island of Providencia forms the archipelago. Around them lies five uninhabited atolls situated to the north and another two situated to the south. With a generous scattering of sandbanks and small cays, Providencia provides spectacular sights for your dream wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

Two kilometers away from the island of Providencia, two magnificent islets of Johnny Cay and Haynes Cay break up the line of the horizont. These are easily accessible by small boats. Sixteen nautical miles south west of San Andres tropical isle, the most wonderful islet of Bolivar Cay is situated. Surounded by coral reefs, this islet it heaven for all scuba-divers and snorkellers.

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