Rafting Vacations: Nature Cares For The Cautious

Rafting vacations are a popular method of getting away from civilization for a few days; letting the undulating water literally lullaby those stresses of daily life away is surreal. They are a great way for families to spend time together, talk to one another, and learn some new skills away from computers and video games (finally!). Whether young or old, everyone has fun on rafting vacation.

Most rafting vacations center around whitewater rafting, and if you are a beginner the best way to start is to find a rafting guide company to take you out on the water. Beginner trips go on Class I & II whitewater, which is the easiest kind with some small waves but no major holes, rocks, drop-offs or the like. Guided rafting vacations can be at any skill level — beginner, intermediate or advanced?and are often required on certain rivers, such as the river rafting on the Colorado River.

Rafting vacations provide an outdoor camping experience which can be quite enjoyable, though the adrenaline rush keeps you alert and ready for anything. Most rafting companies provide the gear (from helmets, to dry suits to booties to keep your toes-ies warm), you will camp out every night in a tent or under the stars. You can experience hearty meals cooked on the campfire or camp stove, roast marshmallows, make Smores, and enjoy being out in nature.

Rafting vacations are a true outdoor adventure filled with memories that you will cherish for a lifetime; bring a waterproof cameral to capture the best of moments. To guarantee that you have the best possible experience, it is important to carefully choose the river rafting company you are going to hire. Make sure to find out how long they have been in business, how many trips they do every year and inquire about their safety record?required public knowledge. Make sure to check out the qualifications of the guides and that their certifications are current. With every man Jack getting sued for the whole schmear, you can be sure that the guides are well-trained and current.

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You can plan exciting rafting vacations in just about every state in the U.S., across Canada and around the world. Big rivers in the West are major draws–the biggest rafting vacation destinations include Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and California. While some of the rivers on the East Coast are a bit smaller, there is still plenty of whitewater available for all skill levels from Florida to New England.

Do you like to fish? Some rafting vacations even include fishing options. There?s nothing like the taste of fresh fish, not to mention the smell of fish being fried on the camp stove. If everyone in your group has some good paddling skills you could get out in the wilderness and run some truly thrilling rapids. However, unless you are have some very skilled paddlers along, make sure you put safety first–don?t just rent a raft and head off on your own. One of the first things that anyone who paddles learns immediately is to respect the water just like hikers must learn to respect the mountains. Nature cares for those who caution themselves.

Many guide companies running rafting vacations require that you bring along your own tent and outdoor sleeping gear. Also, bring a waterproof backpack or a dry bag for each member of your group to ensure that you keep your extra clothing dry. Sometimes you can rent these beforehand from the rafting company. Clothing that is waterproof and dries quickly has distinct advantages over normal everyday wear on rafting vacations. Paddling shoes are waterproof and have gummy-gripping treads so you won?t slip on wet rocks or getting in and out of the raft.

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Other essentials to bring along on rafting vacations are sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, sunglasses to protect the eyes?the glare of sunlight on water can be quite severe?and at least one water bottle for each person?more if you have chosen a hot, summer trip. Another good thing to take is a filtration water bottle. These newer designs involve only filling the bottle and squeezing as you drink to remove contaminants, often triple osmosis through a charcoal capsule. With one of these filtration water bottles you can have fresh water anywhere without having to drink river water.

Rafting vacations are also great for school kids or church youth groups. You can start by checking out online all the different companies that offer rafting vacations. Most even allow for online registration. You?ll have a great time and come back refreshed with memories to share for a lifetime.