Scuba Diving in the Philippines – A Unique Experience

Scuba Diving in the Philippines – A Unique Experience

Scuba diving in Philippines is one of the most wonderful activities that you can enjoy in your lifetime. This is a unique experience that you will always remember. Philippines is referred to as The Republic Of The Philippines. The nation comprises of more than seven thousand distinct islands. These islands cover a region that is spread over 300,000 square kilometers.

Scuba diving in Philippines can be done at any point of time in a year. However, experts usually ask the tourists to avoid the months of monsoon for the sport. The monsoon months run from July to September. Diving in the Philippines can be categorized into 5 primary regions. These include the following listed below:

– Luzon- Palawan- Puerto Galera- Sulu Sea- Visayas

The basic diving sport in Philippines can be enjoyed in cave dives with fresh water inside the inland lakes. You can also get an opportunity to see many beautiful coral reef walls. Visayan Islands are considered to be the best spot for scuba diving in the Philippines. It is located towards the central point of the archipelago. Moalboal and Bohol are known to be the most popular dive sites in the Visayan Islands. You can also enjoy the time of your life while visiting a variety of other scuba diving spots in Philippines such as those around Puerto Galera. The Canyons here is rated as a ‘must do’ dive by scuba diving experts. You can enjoy drift diving through the 3 popular deep canyons. Underwater marvels such as jacks, tuna, barracudas and trevally will make your diving experience simply incredible.

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In a nutshell, diving in the Philippines is always held as a water adventure sport of the highest standards. It caters to all principles of a hard core scuba diver. The place is equally enjoyable and thrilling for novice and professionals. Scuba diving is a fantastic sport and it become more enjoyable when played in the islands of Philippines.