Scuba Diving Opportunities Available on Your Orlando Vacation

Scuba Diving Opportunities Available on Your Orlando Vacation

Scuba Diving trips from Orlando, Florida. One of the most extreme sports to be done in numbers these days is in fact Scuba. It is a sport that has become so popular since the likes of P.A.D.I started to offer the chance for the average person to go and explore the secrets of the depths. In Orlando you are situated within a couple of hours from some of the greatest Dive experiences you are ever likely to encounter, the variety of the Dives available to the Florida holiday maker are vast and offer fantastic wildlife experiences and challenging Dives.

Diving with Manatees in Crystal River

If you want an unforgettable experience, take the opportunity that many tour companies offer to swim and interact with the Manatees in the Crystal River where they are present all year round! For diving enthusiasts this is a dive like no other you will have encountered. Most tour companies offer a full day or two day tour and give you the chance to snorkel and dive with the wildly popular animals in small groups. To help protect the animals you should not feed or touch them, these beloved creatures are very curious and will often approach you so you can have a once in a life time up-close experience with these friendly giants when you are lucky enough to go swimming with Manatees.

Most tour operators don’t charge extra fees for Snorkel or Diving equipment as they include this within the price. The majority of tour operators also include lunch and with many you can be picked up and dropped off at your hotel so be sure to check the details. Most operators will not allow children under the age of 3 to go swimming with the magnificent Manatees in Florida.

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The Manatee (Trichechus manatus) are the State Marine Mammal of Florida and anyone who has dived in the presence of this endangered species will know how beautiful and intelligent they are.

Challenging Dives

For a more challenging Scuba Diving experience visitors to Orlando, Florida can head over to the famous Blue Grotto, being a cavern dive all participants should be at least qualified to Openwater Level One.

When you first enter the Blue Grotto, it appears as though it is only a small pond. In fact depths can reach up to 100ft, there is, however a fresh air bell at 30 ft which will enable you to take off your mask and breath fresh air. As you continue to submerge, you are automatically transported into the ‘grand ballroom’.

Devil’s Den is a pre-historic cavern carved by Florida’s underwater aquifer millions of years ago. Even before entering the water at this site, the views are simply awesome. Upon entering the site stairs have been carved out in nature’s very own style, the Limestone stairs lead down about 60 feet.

The cavern has fantastic visibility of up to 100 feet underwater and the giant boulders and tiny swim throughs are decorated with Fossils embedded into the Limestone.

For a day to remember most tour operators will allow you to dive Devil’s Den and the Blue Grotto on the same day.