Snorkeling Cozumel

Snorkeling Cozumel

It may be that your children are too young to scuba dive or they just don’t have the desire. Possibly your spouse isn’t interested in scuba diving. It may be they are just not sure if scuba diving is for them. Snorkeling at Cozumel is a great place to introduce them to the underwater attractions and all it has to offer.

Cozumel averages 350 days a year of sunshine and the water is 80 degrees or above year round. Underwater visibility is 150 to 250 ft all the time. Cozumel just happens to sit in natural ebb n flow of the ocean making ideal conditions to keep the water clean, while providing nutrients that the coral feed on and even a better place to don your snorkel gear to enjoy the beauty of it all. Since the water is crystal clear the sunlight penetrates deeper, this allows for the coral to grow at much deeper depths. Not to mention all the species of fish that live therein. These coral play host to over 500 species of fish. And if that isn’t enough a large part of the ancient Mesoamerican barrier reef lies just off the shore of Cozumel. All this makes for some of the best snorkeling one can find.

What is great about Cozumel is the ocean is just out back of the hotel. Being able to just walk by the swimming pool and snorkel in the ocean is a real treat in itself. You don’t have to go any further than that to snorkel with fish as big as a dinner plate. And not just one fish but many fish of all sizes, shapes and a rainbow of color that are just brilliant. And while you’re there go on a snorkel trip guided tour. In the morning the boat will pick you up at the dock at the hotel and take you and the family on a day snorkeling adventure. The dilemma in the boat tour is whether to do the two reef tour or the three reef tour. Take an underwater camera for amazing photos. Although you will have memories to last a life time and a bonding experience you won’t soon forget.

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This snorkeling trip is for the young people in the family and the more experienced too. All you need to do is get some snorkel gear and off you go. Snorkel gear consists of a mask, snorkel and fins. You should at least buy your own mask and snorkel because if you rent them there the mask might be worn out and the snorkel will have been in someone else mouth. Renting fins will be OK but your own is always better. Time in the water can be extended and more enjoyable by donning a snorkel vest. They are designed with the same technology as a divers buoyancy control device thus requiring less energy to snorkel. Snorkel vest come in youth and adult sizes. Kid sizes usually go as small as a twenty inch waist. Buy snorkel gear today and get started on the underwater adventures.