Some Brief Introductions About Parkour

Parkour is rushing on the street; it is a kind of extreme sport. It is something like free-running, and coupled with the flexible climbing like monkeys’. However, those people who are enthusiastic with this kind of sport seem it a way of life that advocated by youth sub-culture. Parkour is a combination of climbing, jumping, sprint, roll and other skills used in sports. Therefore, shoes play a crucial role in this movement. Parkour deems the whole city as a training place, all the walls, roofs especially the abandoned houses can be seen as the object to climb.

Parkour was born in the 20th century in France, and its founder is David Belle. Parkour comes from the French word “parcourir”, from its literal meaning is to run everywhere. Of course, it implies the meaning to overcome the training place with obstacle. This sport can make people through the nimble movement to enhance the ability to response the emergency; this is a little similar with Wushu. The difference lies in that Wushu make a virtual wrestle and to fight back, however Parkour make a virtual and urgent escape.

Parkour is a deeply rooted instinct response of us. This instinct is movement, which needs a true warrior spirit. Ultimately, Parkour is a natural way to train people’s capacity o fast-moving body, it can allow us use the available environment around us, this moving art doesn’t require special equipment, or specialized training. We are the only tool needed by this movement. For all the people, this is the rule of this movement, for it combines the entire human’s natural ability, such as, running, jumping, climbing and so on. This is a movement aim at developing your potential ability. Whether you are in city or in the country, this sport requires you to face the obstacles in front of you and to challenge them. This requires a combination of flexibility and control. And the sport equipment is simple, what you need is a T shirt, a pair of lightweight running shoes and a slacks.

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Life is a gorgeous adventure, no matter how hard we try, we can’t avoid those danger. Risk is everywhere, and we have nowhere to escape. However, we can learn how to properly control those dangers, and minimize it. Therefore, the risk inherent in Parkour is quite large, so all the people who involved in this sport must have some knowledge about it.

Our life is combined with obstacles and challenge, and what we can do is just to overcome those obstacles. If you are good at Parkour, then your life will gain many things that are precious.