Southeast Asia Diving Holidays

Southeast Asia Diving Holidays

Situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, the Southeast Asian region is home to the greatest tropical marine diversity that man knows. The forefront of the marine environmental conservation campaign in the archipelago is scuba diving. Because of the region’s virtual isolation, the islands and surrounding seas are alive with fantastic diversity of wildlife great and small.

Southeast Asia takes pride of many world-class locations for diving holidays that are mainly found in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Everything from daytrips to liveboards dive master courses can be enjoyed at realistic prices. The region continues to be one of the most known places for budget travelers to learn to dive. You can pick from a multitude of sandy, white beaches with crystal clear waters.

If you wish to take diving holidays in Southeast Asia, there is an amazing range of accommodation to fit all budgets and a bustling night life that are likely to be as action pack as you please. If you want more, the underwater world of the region has some of the most abundant reefs on earth and is home to 70% of the coral species of the world and 6,000 species of fish.

Southeast Asia diving holidays offer a great day out on the open waters. You can expect to be provided with the chance to try a full scuba dive. You can snorkel and enjoy the undersea world, dip or take time out on a dive boat. There’s something for everyone and these are awesome trips for couples, families and individuals. Also, it is a safe and interesting way to introduce your kids to open water, snorkeling and swimming.

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Diving holidays in Southeast Asia is quickly becoming legendary. As divers descend into the lucent waters of the ocean, they find a palette of colors so brilliant it would leave everyone wanting. Gentle giants such as manta rays and whale sharks are usually seen gliding grandly through the turquoise blue water, not from shore. A dip into the warm waters will allow divers to search out the wrecks of heroic past of the region. If they want to bob at the surface and revel in the cornucopia of colors can search for the Nemo fish.

The reefs of Asia sit at the heart of the Coral Triangle. There is simply more of everything in the region that lives in the waters here than anywhere else on the planet. Those who are travelling to Thailand must head to the west coast for the Similan Islands and the south coast for Koh Lanta.