Swimming Suits C Picking The Perfect Style

Picking the right style of swimming suits for your body type and your taste can make all the difference to your summer or your vacation. Whether your style is a little bit funky, retro or simply classic you are bound to find quite a few choices at your favorite online boutique. Swimming suits come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Here are some tricks to picking out what will work for you this summer and long into the future.

If your style is a little retro, choosing a swimming suit by Esther Williams or like designers could be just the thing. These suits feature flash back designs in a ll sorts of color combinations. Try picking up a high waisted polka dot bikini and lay by the edge of a pool. Pretty soon you will expect Cary Grant to walk up with a cigarette in hand just waiting to sweep you off your feet. Your swim suit made all the difference!

Another retro style is a one piece halter swimsuit. Typically these suits have lower cut hips so if you have had a hard time kicking that extra hip or belly roll and want a suit that is amazingly cute and can cover that up, this may be your best bet. These retro swimming suits come in all sorts of fresh cute prints from polka dots to anchors, cherries to stripes and of course solid colors. The style is a bit more modest, if that is something you are looking for.

If you are more of a modern girl, you cannot beat a simple bikini. Bikinis, as far as swimming suits are concerned, are a less modest choice to show off your underlying assets. With this style you get the added benefit of a sexy style and can mix and match bottoms and tops. If you are headed out rollerblading for the afternoon, throw on one of your bikini tops and a pair of shorts and watch the heads fly! Of course, sitting by the pool or lounging next to the ocean, you will have a larger area to bronze in the sun while wearing a bikini.

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Shop around and look at all the different types of suits ??C grabbing one off the shelf at your local department store is probably not the best way to make sure you find something you love. Everyone’s style is different, from retro modest swimming suits to sexy, skimpy bikinis, online boutiques have got it all!

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