The Best Basic Weights Exercise For Beginners

The Best Basic Weights Exercise For Beginners

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

Going to the gym can mean different things to different people. For some it is a chance to relax and do a bit of jogging or some cycling in the comfort of a heated room, with a water cooler and a nice shower afterwards. Some people use it as a chance to meet like minded people and possibly meet someone who cares about their physique and appearance as much as you. Certain people like footballers and fitness instructors need to use the gym for their job, either working on their own stamina or helping someone else to lose weight or to gain muscle.

The weights section of a gym often seems like a special club where you need to know the etiquette or even the password to get in even to begin learning how to use some of the obscure torturous looking machines. If you want to get involved here is one of the easiest and best exercises you can start with.

The Dumb Bell Press

You know the classic look of someone lying down, pushing a bar with weights on up and down. You can do that too without having to buy dumbbells yourself! First, don’t put any weight on the bar. Then sit down with your back to the bar and lie back until your face is directly below the bar, make sure you are comfortable. Grip the bar in front of you with your hands slightly further apart than your shoulders. Lift the bar off its rests and hold it with your arms vertical. Bring the bar straight down to within a few inches of your chest while breathing in slowly. Ensure your elbows go down and not out the way. Next push up in one fluid motion while breathing out. Replace the bar on the rests. Done. Now, when you get used to this weight lifting equipment, start adding small amounts of weight to the bar, but only ever add tiny amounts at a time. This will work your main pectoral muscles, your triceps and get you in shape for maybe even getting some boxing equipment!

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When you are comfortable with this exercise, it is a good idea to start doing a variation of the same exercise in order to hit every part of your pectorals. By inclining the bench so your head is first, above your feet and then below your feet you can work the upper pectorals (inclines) and the lower pectorals (declines). Balance can be tricky here so make sure you have a spotter.