The Best Scuba Diving Resorts in Australia

The Best Scuba Diving Resorts in Australia

Australia is very much like its Pacific neighbors in several different ways, but when it comes down to the very best diving resorts, Australia wins hands down with the most beautiful reefs and clearest waters around. Diving in Australia; either scuba diving, skin diving, or even shark diving; will surely treat your eyes to the many different marine life environments that we have in the ocean today.

Double Island

The wonderful Double Island, located in Queensland, is one of Australia’s most famous diving resorts. This very exclusive location is rather small compared to the commercial spots out there, but it offers divers the space, as well as the seclusion, to fully enjoy their diving experiences. Just between these two islands is a fairly shallow shelf which contains reefs as well as atolls. Here you may view the fish and the corals that are in the enchanting emerald green waters of the area. Double Island is a diving resort that literally offers you a paradise located with in a paradise.

Hayman Great Barrier Reef

You can’t go diving in Australia with out taking in the Great Barrier Reef! Hayman, located in Queensland, is one of the best diving resorts located along the great reef its self. This incredible resort also provides you with a unique location for other adventure sports as well. Visitors may go water skiing, kayaking, and even snorkeling along the shallow coves of the area. The Hayman diving resort is advantageously located for ease of access for all.

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Sea Temple Scuba Diving

The Sea Temple Resort and Spa, also located in Queensland, is a luxurious diving resort very carefully created as a desert oasis. This resort has a fantastic view of lagoons as well as an island pool that is a ton of fun. Its’ beachfront alone extends over four miles, practically putting the corals right there beside your suite.

Bedarra Island Diving Resort

Bedarra Island can also be found along the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. It provides a highly secluded get-away for the more romantic and intimate of trips. In this silent and very serene location, the resort will make your experience truly peaceful, allowing you to revel in the wonder of the reef. Despite its’ secluded location, it has a wide range of amenities to keep you entertained when you’re not underwater.