The Best Workout Fins

Fins are used by water lovers of all kinds, including recreational swimmers, surfers, beginner swimmers and even elite athletes. They are a staple at any lap pool around the world and have been for years. If you’re ready to get one of the best overall workouts while in the water, it’s time to start using fins. Keep reading to find out more how swim fins can improve every aspect of your stroke.

Heart Pumping

One of the main things that swim fins can do is help with your overall cardiovascular conditioning. Because swimming is already an excellent aerobic exercise, adding in fins allows it to reach levels that other sports can barely touch. When swimming, your legs carry the majority of the responsibility to propel you forward through the water. Fins further challenge the legs and require the body’s cardiovascular system to play a constant game of catch up. This helps build the body’s CO2 Max and strengthens a swimmer’s ability to swim longer and stronger. The Finis Zoomers Fit Swim Fins would be an excellent pair to wear if you’re looking for heart pumping swim session. Their fitness-orientated design creates more resistance than traditionally styled fins and therefore pushes your entire body to work harder and smarter.

Strength Building

Then, of course, there is the strength building aspect of fins. By strapping on a pair of fins, you are not only requiring your cardiovascular system to work harder, but you are also upping the demand needed from your leg muscles. And since it’s your lower body that does most of the work, building long and lean muscles is what it takes to really push your stroke to the next level. Since weight training is essentially useless in the water, the resistance that certain fins create gives legs much needed resistance and load-bearing exercise. If you’re looking to strengthen your lower body, try a pair of Engine Training Fins. These short and powerful blades add intensity to your leg work out without hindering your stroke’s natural speed. They were designed to target and challenge legs muscles!

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Stroke Perfecting

Last, but certainly not least, swim fins can help swimmers obtain better body positioning and stroke technique. When the fins add extra force to the kick, and therefore more speed to the stroke, the body begins to plane horizontally on the top of the water. Weaker swimmers who tend to sink their legs can benefit greatly from this feature. Plus, fins can help beginner swimmers take their minds off the task of kicking and allow them to really focus on other aspects of their stroke. The Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fin would be a great fin if you’re looking to further your stroke’s technique. They help add power to the kick, without hindering a stroke’s tempo. Their silicone design is comfortable and provides just the right amount of resistance for total body training.