The Dive Computer Watch

The Dive Computer Watch

If you’re a scuba driver chances are you want to keep track of your drives and at the same time be able to safely go back to sea level. What you need is a computer dive watch. The dive watch is computer that has been compacted to fit in a watch. Dive watches offer the functions of your traditional diving watch in a digital format with additional options that a standard timepiece doesn’t have.

In picking a diving watch that may suit your needs it is important to know some basic diving computer fundamentals. Always have backups in case something goes wrong. This article focuses on the different kinds of dive computers and aims to educate readers about looking for dive watches.

Computers have taken a whole new level when it comes to calculating information gathered from diving. The computer dive watch is designed to calculate and record data it gets from the partial pressure it gets from humans, depth of the divers dive and overall time. The statistical calculations are done in real time

Some dive computer watch can connect itself to a diving cylinder pressure meter, doing so allows the dive computer watch to keep track of the cylinders gas pressure which helps it calculate the amount of air left in the tank. Other dive computer watch can generate in ascent plan in real-time, for safety reasons it is still advisable to plan your own dives in advance and in the limits of the traditional decompression tables. Unless something comes up unexpectedly it is still advisable to go with the original plan.

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One thing computer algorithms have trouble calculating accurately is the human’s absorption of gas and pressurized discharges since it is a subject not yet fully understood. It also fails to take in to account the differing fitness, health, and physiology of each diver. Most modern dive watches have features for divers that are not available to most conventional dive computer out in the market.

The computer dive watch markets are now more affordable. Making it accessible to almost any divers out there compared in the old days where it was still expensive. A dive computer watch may lack the appeal of an ordinary analog diving watch. If you’re serious or want to take scuba diving to a whole new level then owning a computer dive watch can provide you with real-time information that you can access on your wrist.