The Essentials of Using a Buoyancy Aid

A buoyancy aid is a specialized form of personal flotation device (PFD), frequently used by the kayakers, canoeist, and dinghy sailors. The buoyancy aid was designed to ensure flotation rather than a life saving device. They are different from other PFD’s and life jackets.

Broadly speaking, the canoeing/kayaking buoyancy aid is constructed with foam core. This prevents them not to burst and prevents problems arising due to incapacitated paddler.

==> There exist broadly three designs of buoyancy aid Over the head vestFront zip packetSide sip

All of the above include some techniques for tightening the buoyancy aid to ensure prevention of coming off in the water. The wide variety of design ensures that it is possible to fit different profile and purposes. It mentions that although one buoyancy aid can be used for multiple disciplines; one had to seriously consider various factors before buying it.

Canoe polo and slalom have a key feature of high maneuverability. They are not considered as fully suitable for whitewater padding.

A buoyancy aid for sea travel and long distance travel calls for storing necessary food equipments as well as hydration packs. The comfort for wearing them is utmost essential for smooth journey.

The Whitewater buoyancy aid is designed to ensure buoyancy in fast whitewater rivers on the event of paddler capsizing and leaving the kayak.

The aids come with specifications to enable the customer to purchase the correct model as per the requirements.

==> The details that needs to be mentioned include

Chest SizeWeight RangeForce provided by the buoyancy aid.

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An example can be provided of the 50N Buoyancy aid.

A suggestion to swimmers in the sheltered water when help is closely available is done. This aid is preferably used if you are engaged in a water sport for a long duration. Customers need to be aware if the fact that you should not have expectations of floating you up in the event you are unconscious.