The Popular Sport Of Airsoft Gaming

High intensity, high adrenaline, non-stop energy all leading into head-to-head competition! All this while keeping yourself and your team focused on the single objective at hand, ?take no prisoners?. Airsoft Gaming, very similar to Paintball gaming, is becoming widespread and at the same time a worldwide sport. There are many forms, regulations and simulations that the Airsoft enthusiast can participate in but nothing compares to the realistic features and experiences involved in Airsoft Gaming.

Airsoft Gaming took its roots in the East and has been moving to the West for the better part of 20 years. While slowly becoming popular in the US, one can find dedicated Airsoft Gamers from California to Florida and everywhere in between. This sport has become a great event for big corporations to offer to their employees as a fun adventure day, and is even found at small events like birthday parties hosting only ten people. Men and women, old and young alike, can participate in a great heart racing, strategy-involving, team-building activity.

Many Airsoft enthusiasts participate in standard Skirmish games, Mil-Sim games, or impressive Mock Battle games. Skirmish?s are usually run like the following: two teams trying to kill off the other team in any variation ranging from capture the flag, siege fights, or last-man standing. While Mil-Sim?s look like the following: role-playing variations and focus on strategy and tactic rather than speed. Finally, Mock Battle?s look like the following: they are structured to simulate a famous battle. Whether the battle mimics something from WWII or something from the Gulf War, it can look like the real thing. Because Airsoft guns are replicas, the participants can put regulations on the Airsoft gun and equipment correlating with the specific time period.

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So what does it cost? Well, depending on where you decide to go you can pay anywhere from $15-20 for gun and equipment rentals, plus an extra $5-10 for ammo, and, finally, a small fee of $20-30 to use the property. These are not set prices for any one Airsoft Gaming location just estimates. There are typically discounts for group?s or special occasions. All in all it is a great way for bonding, team building, or just having fun. Whatever worries you have you can blow off your steam while unloading a magazine of 6mm plastic BB?s firing up to 600-900 rounds-per-minute in a safe, non-lethal environment.

It is important to note that with Airsoft Gaming come necessary precautions; all Airsoft Gaming locations will have specific safety requirements. Some general safety precautions and highly recommended safety equipment are for eye and face protection. Wearing some form of heavy clothing is advisable for the rest of your body. Some enthusiasts even use a scarf or handkerchief to protect their necks, while others just go commando wearing only shorts and a T-shirt. It depends on the player, but always remember eye protection is imperative no matter where you are playing.

Finally, I don?t endorse using public property while participating in your Airsoft Gaming experience, although I have heard of teams playing in abandoned buildings, golf courses, and fields. If one wants to participate in this sport in a public place, keep in mind that a group of people flashing 1:1 scale replicas of real firearms could potentially get themselves into trouble. Always remember to make sure that your orange tip on your Airsoft gun is visible and easily seen by spectators. To those who choose to participate in a private closed field, enjoy your Airsoft Gaming and continue to support the fastest growing sport in America.

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