This Holiday Scuba Dive In The Philippines

This Holiday Scuba Dive In The Philippines

Scuba diving doesn’t get better than this. Diving in the sparkling blue waters of the Philippines is varied, impressive and totally spectacular. This kind of diversity in the world of scuba diving is not available anywhere else in the world. Philippines offers something for all the divers. Whether you are a novice or an expert or at any level between the two extremes, Philippines has something to offer everyone. Diving here is an out of the world experience and you are spoilt for your choices whilst diving here. Its guaranteed that you would not want to return home after experiencing the dive here.

The waters in this archipelago are pristine and heavenly. When you dive in these waters, it is like taking a warm water bath in the bath tub of your comfortable home. The water temperature is temperate and pleasant through out the year with the temperature ranging between 22o C to 27o C during the months of December to March and between 26o C to 32o C during April to November. Water temperatures as enjoyable as these permit diving in the comfortable skin suits made of lycra, which makes the scuba diving experience even more enjoyable.

The waters of Philippines have a wide variety of marine life – probably the most diverse in the world. The sport of scuba diving is new to this country and is still evolving. There are however, a number of popular diving spots, providing world class facilities. However, to the adventure activity being new here, there are a large number of unexplored scuba diving spots in these waters. Due to the presence of many inhabited and inaccessible islands, there is always a chance of discovering a new wreck or an underwater reef, and this charm always attracts the divers from all over the world, again and again.

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The scuba diving industry in Philippines is in good health and caters for the requirements and tastes of all the divers, even those of the fussiest ones. There are lot of tour operators who conduct trips for the adventure activity. The duration of these trips may range from a day to four. These tours are conducted by trained professionals who do all the necessary preparations and are always at hand to assist you at every stage. Just get into the wetsuit and leave the rest to the professionals.

Go ahead, take a plunge, and explore the unexplored to get the ultimate experience of diving with whales, dolphins and other marine life or enjoy the gregarious and colourful corals.