Top 5 Interesting Destinations For Scuba Diving in Thailand

Top 5 Interesting Destinations For Scuba Diving in Thailand

Thailand is a place where not only the beautiful landscapes are found, but also a ideal place for water sports activities. The country having beautiful seascapes is visited mostly by surfers and scuba divers. There are five places in Thailand where visitors consider the great places to do scuba diving. Listed are the top five destinations for scuba diving in Thailand:

1. Andaman Sea – the perfect scuba diving place in Thailand. Andaman Sea is located at the southeast part of the Bay of Bengal. This place is the first choice for scuba divers here in Thailand. The sea is rich with beautiful underwater gardens and a vast collection of coral reefs. Divers may dive to the sea after a trip to the wonderful Andaman beach. There are also scuba diving lessons offered for beginners and scuba diving centers where one can get anything they need for scuba diving.

2. Hin Mouang – also called the “Purple Rock”. Here, divers can take a look of Hin Mouang’s very own “pelagic fish”. The place also features large underwater areas great for scuba divers. There are even unusual sea creatures that can be seen here. Here, divers can enjoy seeing the colorful variety of strange fish breeds, coral reef gardens, and plant-like animals under the sea.

3. Surin Islands – located at 14 km east of the Mu Koh Surin marine park. Surin Islands is a place for sighting whale sharks. Divers can also find large schools of pelagic fish. The underwater view if the sea makes it perfect for photographer divers. The place also offers experienced guides to help divers with the strong currents of the Surin Island waters. The total depth of the area is about 30m below, where one can view the beautiful seawater gardens below its surface.

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4. Similan Islands – is a one day trip from Kaoh Lak. Here, one can find fine turquoise waters with a large population of colorful fish. The perfect time to dive here is in the morning, or what divers called “Breakfast bend”, because this is the time when lots of underwater species can be seen. During the morning, one can find the sea leopard sharks, scorpion fish, trigger fish, barracudas, and many other fish types. The corals are also in excellent condition. The best time of the year to Scuba dive in Similan islands is from March to April months of the year.

5. Koh Tao – this place is not very common for foreign scuba divers, but it is a perfect place for this activity. The underwater beauty of Koh Tao is still untouched so divers can see its natural beauty. there are huge varieties of fishes and unusual underwater species seen here. the corals are also in their best.