Understanding More About Scuba Diving Equipment

Understanding More About Scuba Diving Equipment

Are you all excited about going scuba diving? Well you must be, but you need to remember that you will need to get all the scuba equipments right. Otherwise your fun and frolic in the waters can turn fatal. There are several stores in Philippines that specialize in scuba wear and equipments. You need to be aware of all the things that you will need when you go scuba diving.

You will get Vision Plus for your eyes in the colors of blue and clear silicone. These low volume eye wear that comes with V shaped frames improves visibility underwater significantly. You will be able to read the gauge easily when the downward vision increases. The silicone skirts will vouch for the comfort whereas the tempered lenses promise optimum clarity. You will also get the single purge snorkels that you can have fun with while scuba diving. They come in different colors and hues.

Fins are of utmost importance when you are scuba diving. The best fin in the market is the Ocean Glider Open Heel Fins. This will be your safest bet underwater. The foot pockets that are extra wide will make donning and doffing easier. The foot pocket is made of very soft rubber and will give you extra comfort. If you need an extra push, the thing that you need is the flex scoop. The hydro gills and the stabilizing channels will give you better stability and will increase the water flowing above the blades of the fin. The hard yet supple fins allow you to be like a fluid in the lake.

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Another must have equipment is the BCD Tigra 1000. It is the best in the business. It is constructed with sturdy 1000 denier nylon material and can last up to many years. It is completely water tight and integrated with two rear high pockets and two pouches in the front. It uses the patented quick weight ditching mechanism. This will give you buoyancy at any given depth and comes with tremendous balance and stability. You will be comfortable floating at any level and you will not need a weight belt.

You will also require a regulator and the QR 1201 is the best. With its stable diaphragm design the regulator will deliver the air evenly at all the depths and that include the depths that are rarely treaded. This will enable you to breath with ease even when there is severe water pressure. Other equipments that you will need are swimsuits, hooded vest, neoprene underwear, masks and boots. At the stores of Philippines demonstrations are held and therefore you can check out the equipments in the real dives before you make the purchase.