Using a Heavy Bag Workout to Tone-Up

Using a Heavy Bag Workout to Tone-Up

Now firstly it is important to note that a heavy bag workout can offer many different benefits, although this article focuses on a heavy bag workout for toning.

What I am going to start with is recommend the correct equipment to ensure you can achieve your results faster, although if you have already purchased a heavy bag and boxing gloves then do not worry, you will still be able to benefit if you follow the steps in this article.

Let us start with the heavy bag. The bag really depends on your size and strength, however since most people reading this article want to tone up, I’ll provide some guidelines. As you want to tone, you will not be looking to hit the bag too hard therefore there is no point wasting your money on and heavy bag more than 100lbs. For woman, I would probably say you will be fine with 80lbs bag, men who may have a slightly heavy force in your punch I would recommend 100lbs. Everlast heavy bags usually give you a good run for your money.

Now for gloves, as your working the bag you will need gloves above 10oz. For woman your best bet maybe 12oz gloves, as they will not add too much weight onto your arms and still offer enough protection when punching the heavy bag. Again, men I would say go one up to 14oz gloves; this will work the muscles a little more.

Now with the equipment out of the way, time for the workout. The first step is to break your workout into rounds, so get yourself a timer of some sort. Now the trick for toning is quick intense interval training, therefore we are going to break your workout into five 1-minute rounds. This will ensure your keeping the workout short, sharp and intense. Now if you want to increase it’s ability to tone your body then be sure to remain more focused on the punching and weaving as this allows your arm and stomach muscles to work harder. So you must not remain stationary in that minute round. Make sure you stay on the balls of your feet as this will also help use your calve muscles. Also by ducking using your legs almost like a squat will also help tone your upper leg muscles, especially your bum. To ensure your working yourself hard, keep a record of the number of punches you throw each round. Make sure that you throw the same amount if not more punches in the rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5, as you did in the first, then try and beat your own score every workout. Compare the number of punches from round 1 with the number of punches you threw in round 1 the time before, then the same with round 2, then 3 etc. This way you will be sure to work out and always push forward.

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So if you are looking for a workout for toning, the heavy bag workout will offer you very good results. Plus it can be very enjoyable learning the techniques of boxing!