Using an Underwater Compass – Navigation For the New Diver

Using an Underwater Compass – Navigation For the New Diver

Using an underwater compass is different than using a compass on land, even if you understand how to employ a compass, you still need to find out how to use an underwater compass. There are 2 differing types of underwater compasses–direct and indirect reading. The direct compass will be the focus of this article.

It is so easy to get lost while being at the sea, and having a compass could be the only possible way to learn where we are and in which direction we should move. When all we have around us is sea and it is all alike, there could be no way for us to grasp where we should go. Having a magnetic compass and learning ways to correctly follow it’s suggestions is critical for all divers. 

Whenever a diver is checking on his apparatus and guaranteeing he has everything he needs, one of the first things he should check is for his compass. A diver should never go into the sea without having this device with him. It is irrelevant if it is a professional diver or not, any one could get lost if they did not have a magnetic compass with them. Using a magnetic compass isn’t as simple as it would appear and it would take some practice before the diver is in a position to use it and read it correctly.

Actually, many divers have a tendency to feel like they do not have to learn or practice with their compass, and they do not find out their mistake till they are into the water and need the assistance of this device. Any sea related sport needs a compass as a vital piece of equipment. It is fundamental for navigators to use compasses and consult them, and basically they could not practice their activity without the data which these devices provide. Really, a compass turns into a security device because of the significance of the help it gives for people who consult it while being at the sea, whether or not they are navigating, diving, or practicing any other related activity.

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