Victory For Brazil at 1962 World Cup

The 1962 World Cup would be the 7th event of its kind as teams from all over the world gathered to show off their talents and represent their respective countries. This year the tournament would feature 16 teams that would play in various locations throughout Chile.

The previous tournament was won by Brazil. Brazil showed their dominant defense and potent offense in the previous tournament and gained a reputation for having many of the greatest soccer players in the world. Many people felt like Brazil would show strongly again in this tournament and win for the 2nd consecutive World Cup. However, many people also felt that Chile had a great chance at taking the tournament since they were playing on their home turf.

The teams that would participate in the tournament included. Brazil, Chile, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Spain, Hungary, the Soviet Union, West German, England, Italy, Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay.

There were certainly some teams that were seen as the top contenders for the tournament. These teams included the likes of Brazil, Chile and Czechoslovakia.

The first round showed that those teams that everyone expected to play well were going to meet their expectations. Unfortunately only so many teams are able to go on to the second round of play. There were 8 teams that were eliminated during group play of the World Cup.

The teams that would not go on past group play included Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Colombia, Bulgaria and Switzerland. These teams would have to wait until the next World Cup to make up for their losses in group play of the tournament.

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This meant that Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, England, West Germany, the Soviet Union, Chile and Yugoslavia would continue on to try for the ultimate goal of winning the World Cup.

The next round would feature a lot of close matches as only one team in the round managed to score at least 3 goals. Outside of the 3 goal game by Brazil, the highest goal total was from Chile with 2 goals. The rest of the 6 teams remaining would score 1 goal or fewer.

Brazil ended up winning their match over England 3-1 as their offense looked like the most powerful offensive attack in the tournament. Chile managed to take out the Soviet Union by a score of 2-1 to advance to play against Brazil in the Semi-Finals.

West Germany was shut out by Yugoslavia and lost 1-0 while Czechoslovakia managed to shutout Hungary with a 1-0 victory. This meant that Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia would play in the Semi-Final round of the tournament.

The Semi-Final round featured a lot more scoring as Brazil and Czechoslovakia both managed to put up at least 3 goals on the board. Brazil ended up winning 4-2 over the host-team, Chile. Czechoslovakia managed to bring home a victory over Yugoslavia with a 3-1 effort. This meant that Brazil and Czechoslovakia would square off for the championship.

Brazil ultimately won it all with a 3-1 victory over Czechoslovakia. Brazil scored 10 goals during tournament play.