What Englands World Cup 2018 Bid Need To Answer

England in fact suffered a bit of humiliation by only getting one vote in the whole farce. Many people have read about it in the headlines, but there is some confusion as to what actually happened and why we did so badly. What we will try and do in this article is dispel some of the rumours and try to give an honest opinion of what happened.

Was it a good idea to spend 18 million pounds on this bid?

Well as a nation of football shirt wearing football fans, it is clear that this emphasises the passion that we have for the sport and so in a way this is an acceptable amount to spend. This however is probably the most positive way to look at it because in reality England is in an economic slump and this really is not money that has been well spent.

Moreover from reports it seems that the bid was secured by Russia early on and so if this is the case then it means that we literally wasted eighteen million pounds. I is a hard question to answer because if we had won the bid then it would have been worth the money but because of how badly we actually did i.e. one vote, it kind of makes it look extremely humiliating.

Did our bid team think Fifa was corrupt?

This is not a simple answer because what happened was BBC and panorama ran a story about Fifa corruption a few weeks before the vote and to try and appease the situation, Anson and the rest of the bid team wrote to all members that they were not part of that story and essentially distanced themselves from the BBC. A line in the letter reportedly read, As a member of the football family we naturally feel solidarity with you and your colleagues.

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However after we got defeated so badly, we changed our tune and said that there had been collusion between Qatar and Spain (which is against the rules), moreover we alleged that 5 of the directors on the Fifa board acted dishonestly by promising us votes and then blatantly not delivering.

Was the BBC out of order in broadcasting the corruption story?

Well let’s just say they did the England bid no favours however had we won the bid and then ran the story it would have implied England was corrupt. So in effect this was the best way to go ahead and the fact is if they have evidence of corruption especially when we are talking about millions of pounds, then they have to run the story no matter what.


As proud English fans this is a disappointment no matter what football shirts we wear or football teams we support. Fact is it does seem like the system is no transparent and is completely open to corruption, however it seems like England is sulking a little because we lost. Had we won we probably wouldn’t be damning Fifa quite so much.